SignTalk Foundation Sponsors Doug Ridloff Israel Performance & Workshops

Douglas Ridloff, poet, artist, performer, and ASL SLAM’s Executive Director, has gained national and international attention performing in various US cities, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe, as well as presenting a TEDx in Austria. SignTalk Foundation is proud to have sponsored several of Doug’s international efforts. In May, Doug will be travelling to Israel where he will be performing, providing workshops at Deaf Clubs, participating in an annual Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration in Jerusalem for Deaf and hard of hearing children and meeting with members of the Deaf community.

Help us in launching this amazing project. These performances, workshops and meet ups work to bring attention to sign language, Deaf artists, and Deaf culture, thereby unifying the global Deaf community. Please donate so we can open up international venues and opportunities for members of the Deaf/hard of hearing and signing communities to present their work in inviting and supportive environments using ASL.